26 July. 2019

Strategic Plan of Tourism for the Municipality of Lagos

Following the elaboration of Touristic Plans for the municipalities of Vila do Bispo and Nazaré, IPI once again embraces the challenge of planning the tourism development of a municipality, this time for Lagos.

The elaboration of the Lagos Strategic Plan of Tourism will be framed in the different strategic references and settled between the different public and private agents, both in the local context and in other broader ones, and will struggle for a conception based on the principles of sustainability and valorization of resources, without losing sight of economic, social and territorial cohesion.

Indeed, as tourism is a growing vector of development of the Municipality of Lagos, it is important that the municipality adopts tools to help in its role as regulator, as well as in its mission to promote and facilitate tourism, in order to ensure the sustainable growth of tourism in Lagos. The Strategic Plan of Tourism is, in this context, an essential tool.

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