11 September. 2020

New solutions for smarter territories

BABLE and IPI join forces in Portugal

BABLE, a company based in Germany in the process of expanding to the Iberian market, and the Portuguese IPI Consulting Network, established a partnership with the aim to develop solutions to create intelligent territories in Portugal. Energy, health and well-being, especially in the context of the senior population, connectivity and communication, smooth mobility, circular economy or data management, are some of the main areas of work that these companies intend to deepen, mainly with municipalities, intermunicipal communities and regional associations, NGOs and other managing entities and community dynamizers.

BABLE supports cities and businesses across Europe in implementing solutions for smart cities in Europe. It offers related training courses, strategic consulting and operates the BABLE-smartcities.eu platform as a source of vocal information and a starting point for the Smart City community with cities and businesses from more than 20 countries.

IPI works with municipalities and with other agents of the territory in the development of economic, social, cultural and environmental projects, aiming to find the appropriate solutions to enhance the sustainable development of these territories. Working mostly in Portugal, it always aims to help achieve solutions with real positive impacts.

The main objective is to support the sustainable development of cities, towns and regions. We want to create habitable territories, prepared for the future and sustainable, based on innovation and collaboration, and establishing the following goals:

- contribute to forming a carbon-free future

- increase efficiency in resource consumption

- build on data, connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things)

- target processes that benefit the best solutions, not the most expensive or cheap

- providing solutions for sustainable and future-ready cities

Barcelona, ??Cologne, Manchester, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Abeerden, Antwerp, Stockholm and dozens of other European cities, of all sizes, have already adopted Bable solutions or are part of the collaborative platform Smart City Marketplace “BABLE”.

Explore some of these solutions at www.bable-smartcities.eu/explore/solutions


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